Paul Martinez - California Fire Fighter

Paul Martinez

Paul Martinez has served in California fire departments for more than 22 years. In that time, he has overseen the work of staff members as well as the general operations of fire stations. Paul Martinez has proven consistently effective at running a safe engine company with a good response time, and as a result, he has risen to the rank of captain.

Mr. Martinez studied fire science at California's De Anza College, where he completed coursework related to fire service in addition to a minor course of study in psychology. He played football throughout college, having competed as a high school senior as well. He has been a competitive boxer in both childhood and adulthood, and has played softball for a number of years.

To maintain his physical skill and strength, Mr. Martinez follows a weightlifting regimen and exercises regularly. These activities help him to stay fit, not only for his athletic pursuits, but also for the demands of his career as a firefighter.